Marching Band

We strive for individual excellence and try to make sure everyone feels a part of our program. Our main goal is to entertain the audience and give our students an opportunity to experience the thrill of performance through excellence.

The Kent Island High School Marching Band consists of wind instruments, percussion, and color guard.


What does it take to be in Marching Band?

Signing Up

To join the Kent Island High School Marching Band, signup forms are available in March along with an orientation meeting later in the year. Its strongly recomended you attend the meeting. We can unfortunately not accept anyone after a set date posted for the return of signup forms. This is because of our drill design. We very rarely have members drop out, leaving a "hole", but when we do,  we need “hole fillers” to fill in this blank spot so we can continue our drill designs and field shows. Please contact us to see if you are interested in being a hole filler.


We meet for three weeks before the school year for our Band Camp when we learn the drill and put our show together. During the regular season, we meet typically on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:30 PM. There are Football game performances during all home games. We will keep the band after school or meet typically at 5:00 PM on Friday nights to prepare for that nights game. Competition and "off campus" performance lengths vary. They can go from a few hours to a couple days.

Music Memorization

All band members are required to have the fight song memorized before Band Camp starts. There may be mandatory checkpoints during Band Camp to make sure all members have the fight song memorized. 


You will have an individual expense for the season. The payment is due by the first day of Band Camp. The cost is usually around $100. In addition there are multiple fundraising opportunities for students to take part in throughout the year to help the band.